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The world is changing faster then ever. New technologies are introduced fast, the digital transformation is in progress. It is up to your organization to respond in the right way. That is, in our view, only by going back to the foundation: your customer. That’s what Customer Excellence is all about. Our solutions can be found in the areas of Customer Experience Management, Continiously in Control and Digital Process Transformation.

The Customer Excellence model

For achieving Customer Excellence the following four pillars are of interest: voice of the customer, customer service, customer driven (process) organization and continuously improving. These four fit like puzzle pieces together. However, it is not a rigid model, the issues and objectives determine which pillar takes precedence.

Balance between customer expectation and cost reduction

The expectations from your organization to deliver a healthy balance and indeed exceed the customers expectations on the one hand and have an effective and efficient core business on the other hand is increasing. In addition, your organization will have to comply with the appropriate laws and regulations. We notice that organizations have trouble keeping the customer in sharp focus as well as being fast and agile enough to deal with market issues. We are convinced that only companies who are Customer Excellence compliant AND keep their customer in focus, will survive succesfully.

Need for change: digital transformation

A road sign that says "Big Changes Ahead."

We all see it: the communication between people throughout the day is continuously and easily set up. Also the access to information is becoming easier and faster. This is the basis for entirely new services and business models as Uber, Airbnb, Cool Blue, crowdfunding. This affects the behaviour and needs of customers. The customer, citizen or patient is already well informed prior to joining your organization. The customer wants to determine by himself how he travels through your organization!

Robin Zwijnenberg: “The digital transformation changes everything. Customers are more outspoken and are becoming better informed. The customer demands control. As an organization you have to deal with that in order to survive. This means adjust your sails as you can’t change the direction of the wind!”

Care to share views?

If your organization wants to increase its Customer Excellence? And is ready for the digital transformation? We are happy to share our vision with you.

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