MLC Government department advises and supports governmental organizations with issues in the field of business management.

Together with you we create succesfull solutions with a focus on results, connecting it to nationwide developments like new laws and your digital services for citizens and companies.

Satisfied employees and customers who have confidence in your organization, that is what MLC Government – along with you – is striving for.

The acceleration: How can we help you?

We use standard instruments with which we create tailored solutions. Our solutions are innovative, focused on the Government and bring progress in your work. We use the following three approaches:

Organization scan

Each government organization is different. To enable us to have a better understanding of your issues we need to have a complete picture of your organization. This we obtain by running an organization scan.

Process optimization

We focus on processes within your organization to be able to work as efficiently as possible. From beginning to end processes can be influenced. This is the customer appreciation and trust is the key issue.

New way of working

Government organizations are often organized in departments with their own expertise. To improve your results, you may need to make a fresh start. Together with you, we look at the possibilities.

Customers we take pride in

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Care to share views?

We like to think about how your organization can exceed customer expectations. Whether for advice or concrete projects, please contact us so we can share our views.

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Our team

In multidisciplinary teams, we work together with your staff to achieve improvements. Our professionals have their specialty and have experience with municipalities, ministries and provinces.