MLC helps housing corporations in their task to provide affordable and appropriate housing to potential tenants. This we achieve by advise on business management and customer focus. Examples are:

How can I realize my sustainability in a customer-oriented way?
How do I optimize my rent loss?
How do I deploy digitization in order to increase customer satisfaction among our tenants?
How do I use automation in order to create more time and space for my core tasks?
How do I convert and use data that enables me to make proactive decisions?

How can we help?

Increase customer value

Questions about customer value, retention, to better fit the customers needs, understanding of client groups, offering better and additional service.

Reduce costs

Be more efficient and effective in production, get more done with less resources by automating work.

Risk management

Control and reduce operational risks, comply with laws and regulations, improve ability of the organization.


Renew and innovate by, amongst other things, motivate and encourage employees, applying new technologies and processes such as Agile.

Customers we take pride in:

Care to share views?

We like to think about how your organization can exceed customer expectations in order to achieve the optimal Customer Experience. Whether for advice or concrete projects, please contact us so we can share our views with you.

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Our team of experts

In multidisciplinary teams, we work  with your staff to achieve improvements. Our employees have their specialty and have experience different projects within housing corporations.