Jeroen Netze

Senior Consultant

Jeroen is a very experienced advisor when it comes to setting up, changing and optimizing processes, organizations and systems. He knows how to align strategy and vision for management to understand. Jeroen understands how to identify problems and opportunities amongst clients and employees. This is the basis for his further approach: propose a change, depict the change, take off the rough edges and ensure that the organization accepts the change. Jeroen has a broad knowledge and experience in the field of organization design, business processes and continuous improvements.

“You won’t see it until you’ve got it”. (Johan Cruijff)

Possessing an enormous analytical capacity, Jeroen quickly asseses the difference between the current and desired situation and then works towards reaching the desired goal. During this process, Jeroen ensures that co-workers and management understand the process and are involved in the implication of these changes. Because of his training and expertise in ICT, Jeroen has a birds’ eye view and he ensures that everyone is connected to all levels within the organization.

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