Jesper Vorstermans

Senior Consultant

Jesper has a wide knowledge of and has vested interest in different aspects of organizations. He possesses an enormous drive to help an organization take the next steps in their development.  The past couple of years he has led projects and helped organizations to create their own customer excellence by supporting digitilization processes with  our new customers. Jespers’ strenghts are as a project or process manager to create  enthusiasm and at the same time ensuring commitment.

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” (Winston Churchill)

Jesper is result-orientated, without losing understanding of the team and the interest of the organization.  He draws energy from succesfully  achieving a project together with a team. He is pragmatic : Jesper uses his analytical abilities to rapidly start up a project.  Within his projectteam he has a good vision on the contributions and development of all team members.  By stimulating the development of others,   actively seeking collaboration and creating involvement within the organization, his projects will deliver sustainable result for the customer.

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