Rik Ellenbroek

Senior Consultant

It is Riks’ passion to guide organizations in making their services smarter, faster and better. By developing a pleasant and productive co-operation with managers and co-workers alike, Rik ensures that the desired results are realized, thus adding value to the organization. Rik is a passionate consultant with an eye for both results and the people who have the responsibility to find and implement the best solution for a problem.

“Who you are is defined by what you are willing to struggle for.” (Mark Manson)

Rik benefits from a broad experience and knowledge in the field of process and change management. Within MLC, he assists young colleagues in their development as a consultant and is involved in various activities of the MLC Academy. In addition to work, Rik likes to play sports (soccer, running and skiing) and to read. He enjoys undertaking activities with friends and family.

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