Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offers opportunities where traditional IT couldn’t, albeit not sufficiently.  It helps processes with high volumes and repetitive actions to be more efficient.


What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

RPA is software that allows IT systems to take over human tasks within your operation. The software mimics human actions, rules-based and is able to switch between different functions and applications. As a result, processes are automated and can continue more efficiently and more effectively. The user-friendliness of this technology will allow it to automate processes within the business.  In addition, existing systems and applications hardly need to be adapted, because RPA fits into the current IT systems.

Vision MLC

The approach that differentiates MLC using RPA to optimize processes is a process-oriented method. We help organizations to a working RPA solution. We continue to look at the optimal business solution and help to make the right choices until the problem is actually solved.





What’s in it for you?

The use of RPA not only saves costs: because robots never make mistakes, do not get tired and simply scale up/down, the quality of the work improves significantly. The employee also creates more time for contact with the customer. And of course you are reducing costs. MLC promises a minimal cost reduction of 35% in the parts of the process where RPA, with our approach, is implemented.

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Quality
  • A shorter lead time
  • Scalability (up or down)
  • Productivity
  • Cost reductions

Get inspired

Would you like to learn more about RPA and what it can mean for your organization? We will be happy to help you along. Or do you want to practice with a case study to learn more about RPA and experience the possibilities yourself? We are happy to organize an “inspiration session”, an interactive session during which you and your colleagues get familiar with robotics.

Care to share views?

Want to discuss how RPA can reduce cost and save time in your organization? Whether for advice or concrete projects, please contact us so we can share our views.

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