2020 marked the start of a decade of disruption for banks. Existing technological, demographic and regulatory challenges are exacerbated by the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic on economies, working practice, channel access and customer behaviour.

Software AG recorded a webinar which can be watched via this link. In this webinar among others, Martijn Tolsma spoke about our vision and how in this era of the ‘continuous next’ banks effectively rise to challenges and manage risk? You can rewatch the webinar by clicking on this link.

What to expect in the webinar?

More precisely, these are the topics that are addressed in the webinar:

  • Explore the challenges facing modern banks.
  • Outline the obvious and hidden costs associated with a lack of robust process management.
  • Discuss the wider benefits for traditional banks of a more integrated approach to performance, capacity, process and risk management – one that smashes silos and addresses the evolutive and competitive state of the financial services market.

Who are the guest speakers?

Watch this webinar on-demand and hear directly from:

  • Jorna Michiel, Director Transformation Solutions APAC
  • Allan Song , Head of Strategy & Transformation at Standard Chartered Bank
  • Martijn Tolsma, Managing Partner of MLC-Asia

Interested in more information from Martijn Tolsma, or others? Please contact us and we are happy to help.


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