Together with Standard Chartered Bank we have laid the foundation for the bank to drastically improve their operational objective and move towards a process centric way of working.

The bank realized that in order to reach their operational objectives, they had to strengthen their process management capabilities. In Q4 2020, they have partnered with MLC to implement a business wide Enterprise Management System (EMS) to enable their process transformation journey. The main focus areas are around: process standardization and optimization, capacity management and risk & control.


The project achieved the following results:

  • Customized ARIS environment
  • A foundational and standardized process architecture addressing global and local aspects
  • Digitized capacity model
  • Analytics and dashboards
  • Change governance workflow
  • Integrated risks and controls attributes and metrics

“We were unable to identify efficiency opportunities and drive effective transformation (…) On the back of this problem statement, we were lucky enough to engage with SAG & MLC who has partnered with us in this journey. Together we are creating the benchmark for future digital banking”. –  Head of Transformation – Global Bank


Together with the bank, we are aiming to establish ARIS as the single source of truth that brings together all aspects of business process management:

  • Process architecture
  • Organization and governance
  • Strategy
  • Risk and control
  • Technology

First we have conducted a Proof of Value and started mapping the bank’s processes into ARIS. In parallel we have developed customized use cases in ARIS based on the bank’s needs. The success of the first PoV gave comfort to the bank to continue the engagement. Currently we are working on the road towards production and starting the new way of working with the operations staff.

Standard chartered bank MLC